Main Features:

  • 1. WINDOWS 10 Professional operation system (MICROSOFT)
  • 2. INtime real time operation system (TenAsys)
  • 3. EnDat22 absolute measurement system (HEIDENHAIN)
  • 4. EtherCAT communication channel between the EHU (EtherCAT Host Unit) and its peripheries (SLAVES) (BECKHOFF)

NCT 304 15"
NCT 304 19"

The key to this is application of the latest ITX standard 4-core hardware and the brilliant real-time INTime operating system manufactured by the tenAsys company and that can be installed for WINDOWS.

In the NCT 204/304 control there is only one computer behind the monitor performing CNC and user interface (HMI) tasks, but in this sole computer 4 processors (4 cores) thump. On two cores the NCT front end (HMI) installed for well-known WINDOWS operating system and wide range of applications run, while the CNC system run on the other two cores.

With this control, our most advanced CNC programming software VECTOR and solid state displaying integrated in NCT HMI can be used already. We built up the system and made it open in such a manner that either the NCT company or the machine tool builder himself can replace or develop further the user interface in accordance with his own demands or his given machine. This development opened a totally new market. Through it, we became able to design for machine tool builders custom-tailored, own and special user interface. Thus we can reach those OEM partners who want to enter their market with CNC user and programmer interface of their own design.


4 core Intel Atom processor
120 GB SSD
WIZARD dialog programming
3D simulation
5 axis machining TCP, CPC
ISO G code programming
Macro programming
HSHP – High Speed and High- Precision conturing
Nano interpolation

Smooth interpolation
WINDOWS file system
EtherCAT comunication
USB and Ethernet connections
Max. 32 axes
Max. 8 channels
36 months warranty
1 000 000 touches lifetime in any point
15” or 19” screen


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