Main features of NCT synchronous servomotors:

  • 1. Static torque 1-70 Nm
  • 2. Heidenhain absolute or incremental encoder
  • 3. In three sizes
  • 4. All types are available with break
  • 5. Optional shafts

Construction of the servomotors „A” series

The motors are permanent magnet synchronous machines with three-phase eight pole star-connected winding on the stator, and eight-pole rotor built from permanent magnets. The incremental or absolute value encoder is mounted on the non-drive end of the motor, which also provides information about the position of the pole-core relative to the stator winding. The stator is totally enclosed and the bearings of shaft extension are sealed. The cable connectors are also sealed. Thermal loss drained in a natural way -no external fan needed- so the motors are robust. Both the excitation of the stator and the magnetic induction in the air-gap produced by the rotor are quite sinusoidal, so the torque of the motor can be exactly controlled independently of the pole-core position, because of this an extremely accurate speed control can be realized appropriately.
The color of the rating plate of “A” series servomotors is yellow.

Construction of the servomotors „Ai” series

The construction of series „Ai” motors is identical to the series „A” motors except the material of the rotor magnets. Thanks to the rare earth metal magnets (Neodymium or Samarium-cobalt) on the rotor of the „Ai” motors they can produce much more torque, speed and power than „A” in the same motor size, and inertia of „Ai” motors much less than adequate „A” motors.
The color of the rating plate of “A” series servomotors is white.

Servomotors „A” series with ferrite magnets
Model (without brake) Model (with brake) Size Static torque Static current Rated speed
A1-54-30-..... AB1-54-30-..... 90x90 mm 1.1 Nm 1.0 A 3000 min-1
A2-54-30-..... AB2-54-30-..... 90x90 mm 2.2 Nm 2.0 A 3000 min-1
A3-54-30-..... AB3-54-30-..... 130x130 mm 3.0 Nm 2.5 A 3000 min-1
A6-54-30-..... AB6-54-30-..... 130x130 mm 6.0 Nm 4.5 A 3000 min-1
A9-54-30-..... AB9-54-30-..... 130x130 mm 9.0 Nm 6.0 A 3000 min-1
A12-54-20-..... AB12-54-20-..... 200x200 mm 12.0 Nm 8.8 A 2000 min-1
A22-54-20-..... AB22-54-20-..... 200x200 mm 22.0 Nm 15.0 A 2000 min-1
A30-54-20-..... AB30-54-20-..... 200x200 mm 30.0 Nm 19.5 A 2000 min-1
A38-54-20-..... AB38-54-20-..... 200x200 mm 38.0 Nm 18.0 A 2000 min-1
Servomotors „Ai” series with rare earth magnets
Model (without brake) Model (with brake) Size Static torque Static current Rated speed
Ai2.5-54-40-..... Ai2.5-54-40-..... 90x90 mm 2.5 Nm 2.3 A 4000 min-1
Ai5-54-40-..... AiB5-54-40-..... 90x90 mm 5.0 Nm 4.6 A 4000 min-1
Ai8-54-30-..... AiB8-54-30-..... 130x130 mm 8.4 Nm 6.0 A 3000 min-1
Ai15-54-26-..... AiB15-54-26-..... 130x130 mm 17.0 Nm 13.0 A 2600 min-1
Ai28-54-25-..... AiB28-54-25-..... 200x200 mm 29.0 Nm 18.8 A 2500 min-1
Ai50-54-20-..... AiB50-54-20-..... 200x200 mm 51.0 Nm 32.6 A 2000 min-1
Ai70-54-20-..... AiB70-54-20-..... 200x200 mm 70.0 Nm 40.0 A 2000 min-1



EnDAT 2.2 signal processing, 33 million position / revolution
1 Nm – 70 Nm
In three sizes
All types are available with break
Three type of shafts
Temperature sensore inside the motor
Neodymium magnet Ai type
Ferrite magnet A type


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