Main features of asynchronous motor:

1. Rated torque 24 Nm – 900 Nm
2. Rated power 5,17kW – 94,25kW
3. Air or Liquid cooling version
4. Optional shafts

NCT asynchronous servomotors have been specifically designed for spindles of automatic machine tools. Thanks to the special configuration, these motors meet high-level dynamic requirements of modern machine tools; they are built for long life, and have a maintenance-free operation. The hollow shaft of AiS spindle motors allows cooling-lubricating medium to be fed to an internally cooled tool (CTS) in case of direct drive.


Incremental measuring system
Good reliability and stability
Available for continuous & Peak Torque even at standstill
High overload capability
Low rotor inertia, fast response
Compact size
High level protection IP54, IP55, IP65
Rated Torque 1,3Nm – 400Nm

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