Main features of NCT EtherCAT Servo Drive:

  • 1. High Speed EtherCAT communication system
  • 2. Flexible motor range (synchronous, linear, torqe, asynchronous )
  • 3. Kompakt design for multichannel operation
  • 4. PTC termistor connection to save the motor

Structure of NCT drive systems

NCT DSC & DAC compact servo drive family It is a space-saving, easy-to-assemble and economic construction because drive boxes can be placed next to each other, and keeping a distance between the units is not required. The cooling elements of the transistors can be place in a ventilated space isolated from the electric cabinet. Automatic control for cooling ventilator– Energy saving Covered buses – Smart appearance EtherCAT – Standard (SoE) communication

The NCT servo drives play a key role in the NCT remote diagnostics service, too. The SoE communication enables the remote monitoring up to the level of the EnDat 2.2 encoder mounted on the NCT motor.


EnDAT 2.2 signal processing, 33 million position / revolution
EtherCAT communication system
Parametrize from the CNC control
Up to 225 Amps
Rated Outpot Power 1,2kVA – 125 kVA
Quadratic acceleration / deceleration
Smooth interpolation
Tandem mode

High Speed and High Precision Machining (HSHP)
Nano interpolation
36 month warranty


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