Power spindles

Main features of power spindle:

  • 1. Higher dynamic
  • 2. Low vibration
  • 3. Rated power 9,5 kW – 23,4 kW
  • 4. Rated torque 45Nm – 89,4 Nm

AMS type motors can call as compact power spindle, because these integrated to a lathe spindle. Their dynamic rigidity and low vibration tendency make a further leap in machining quality. ADVANTAGES OF POWER SPINDLE OPPOSE TO CONVENTIONAL BELT DRIVE:
- Higher dynamics because of smaller inertial mass, lower loss, lower current drain
- Better workpiece geometry thanks to the lack of deformation caused by belt tension
- Higher lifetime, better surface quality on workpiece and higher tool edge life thanks to much lower vibration level
- Better workpiece geometrical and repeating accuracy, longer lifetime of bearing thanks to lower heat deformation because of high liquid cooling.


Higher dynamics
Lower loss
Lower current drain
Better workpiece geometry
Better surface quality
Higher lifetime
Longer lifetime of bearing


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