Servo drives

Main features of NCT EtherCAT Servo Drive:

  • 1. High Speed EtherCAT communication system
  • 2. Flexible motor range (synchronous, linear, torqe, asynchronous )
  • 3. Kompakt design for multichannel operation
  • 4. PTC termistor connection to save the motor

Structure of NCT drive systems

NCT drive system contains a power supply and an optional number of servo amplifiers and servomotors, each servo amplifier is connected to a motor. The system does not need transformer in case of voltage levels customary in Europe. The line chokes have built-in the smaller power supplies but they are separate units in case of larger power supplies. Since the depths of the different modules are the same and all electric connectors are placed on the front panel, thus can be placed in one row and an aesthetic, clear, cable-friendly system can be constructed. The order of the modules is optional; they can even be placed in several rows. The direct line supply and the modular construction characteristic to NCT drive systems make the electric planning, the implementation of line supply as well as the possible future enhancement or module replacement simple.

NCT EtherCAT servo amplifiers

NCT EtherCAT servo amplifiers developed and produced by NCT Kft. together with the appropriate – also produced by NCT - synchronous and asynchronous servomotors create high-accuracy servo drives meeting the tough economic, environmental and technical requirements concerning precision drives of modern automatic machine tools and machining centers. Control algorithms of the servo amplifiers ensure fast and high dynamic speed regulation and positioning for using it high speed and high precision machining. The servo amplifier supplied by direct-current (DC) bus generates by pulse width modulation three-phase voltage needed for the supply of motor. High-voltage switch elements are IGBT supplied with heat and over-current protection integrated in a common package, while all control and information tasks are accomplished by a microprocessor (DSP). The switching frequency of the output voltage is constant, yet it is formed as base harmonic of variable-width pulse sequence. The modulation is space-vector-controlled with superior current and speed as well as position control loops. Supply of rectangular-field synchronous machine, sine-field synchronous machine as well as asynchronous machine is possible by choosing the appropriate program. Servo amplifiers can be connected to any standard EtherCAT HOST (EHU) unit because they use standard Ethercat (industrial ETHERNET) communication channel. CAN communication system is an additional channel it provides the high-speed communication between servo drive and servo drive, in special applications. Servo amplifiers receive digital reference signal via EtherCAT and/or CAN system. NCT EtherCAT servo amplifiers are developed especially for the real time EtherCAT communication system that is beneficial for the short regulation cycles. Cycle time is very short even in networks containing a large number of devices (synchronicity and simultaneity).


EnDAT 2.2 signal processing, 33 million position / revolution
EtherCAT communication system
Parametrize from the CNC control
Up to 225 Amps
Rated Outpot Power 1,2kVA – 125 kVA
Quadratic acceleration / deceleration
Smooth interpolation
Tandem mode

High Speed and High Precision Machining (HSHP)
Nano interpolation
36 month warranty


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